Technical Support

Edu-Consulting provides ongoing services of technical support to our partners around the world.

Edu-Consulting provides our partners installation support & guidance services:

  • Remote / online installation
  • Installation guide – user friendly

Edu-Consulting provides our partners Technical solutions & support services:

  • Skype support
  • online  support
  • phone support

Technical Implementation Solutions

  • Edu-Consulting Systems are very User-friendly for any teachers and students use.
  • Edu-Consulting Systems Designed for one computer or for projection onto a large screen\ touch screen \ tablets.
  • Edu-Consulting Systems can be Off-line systems and  internet access not necessary
  • Edu-Consulting Systems are Plug and play systems: ready to use with no additional devices needed.
  • Edu-Consulting Systems designed for individual or cooperative-learning groups {up to 6 children can study together}.

Technical Specification

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