MULTIKID is a unique, creative computer-based learning system specially designed for children ages 5 to 8.

MULTIKID integrates a dynamic software program with an interactive activity table including interactive mats and a variety of concrete didactic materials. These components are all part of an innovative approach to learning basic skills such as language concepts, logical thinking, cause and effect, planning, teamwork and motor dexterity.

MULTIKID enables children to learn essential information applicable within a wide variety of social and cultural experiences. The structure of the system allows for integration into classrooms according to the pedagogical needs of the institution, whether as an integral part of the main classroom, as a creative corner, or in a laboratory with many MULTIKID learning centers.

Within MULTIKID’s twelve topics, software activities are divided into Junior and Senior sections, making it suitable for early elementary school students on a variety of levels.


Cognitive theorist, Howard Gardner explains that intelligence is based on more than one single ability. Children learn best in different ways, according to their dominant type of intelligence.

MULTIKID supports this theory, in that children have opportunities to learn through music, visual-spatial skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, logical and mathematic skills and more. Additionally, MULTIKID enriches students’ interactions with one another, a central part of the design of the system.

John Dewey, American psychologist and educational theorist, as well as Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky, Russian psychologist, developed the initial theories of collaborative learning. According to their theories, students learn in dynamic ways when learning together. When students work together to search for understanding, meaning or solutions, they develop problem-solving skills, listening skills and communication skills necessary for future learning and development.

MULTIKID supports this model by encouraging students to discuss and question while using 3D didactic materials which enrich and expand their learning process. The Teacher Manual provides suggestions for introductory activities, classroom integration and opportunities for topic-based enrichment, many of which also support developing multiple intelligences.

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