EduTOUCH is a unique  learning environment designed for special education students with physical and/or cognitive impairments.

EduTOUCH’s seamless integration of software with pedagogical accessories, U-shaped table and extra-large keypads offers children a positive and enriching learning environment. EduTOUCH’s multimedia environment and activities incorporated into the U-shaped table allows students to master a variety of basic skills in an accessible environment, helping them achieve developmental and cognitive goals.

EduTOUCH’s modularity enables greater flexibility for the teachers and students. The topics, activities and configurable keypads are adaptable to the existing curriculum and can be easily customized to accommodate the age, learning level and personal goals of the students.


Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson is known for his theory on psychosocial development of human beings and how it relates to education. During the preschool years, children begin to assert power and control over their work through directing their own play. When children are successful at this stage, they feel capable and gain self-confidence. EduTOUCH provides very specific lessons with specific goals that are designed to help all children feel successful. Through hands-on learning in EduTOUCH, students feel that they are actively and successfully involved in their learning.

Margaret Bancroft is one of the key pioneers of special education. Bancroft broke away from the traditional approach of institutionalizing students with special needs. Bancroft believed and convinced others that children with special needs would benefit from specialized curricula, adapted materials, and well-trained teachers. EduTOUCH has activities that align with core standards and address the curriculum needs of early childhood students. EduTOUCH’s materials can be adapted prior to and throughout the students’ learning sessions. Finally, EduTOUCH trains the facilitators and provides them with extra tools and strategies to be successful at integrating the program into their classrooms.

Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, contributed the idea of a zone of proximal development to the study of developmental psychology and has had a significant impact on teaching students with disabilities. Vygotsky viewed social perception as the primary disability impacting these students. He proposed that the role of instruction was to provide quality of life that included adequate and timely methods of education that developed “alternative but equivalent roads for cultural development.” By using EduTOUCH to assess and match students’ instruction to their current learning levels, the facilitator will be teaching to their zone of proximal development. When students learn in this target zone, they maximize their potential and make the most significant growth and gains.

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