Product Overview

EduQuest offers a complete solution for any early childhood classroom, including dynamic software content, quality didactic accessories and over 400 lesson plans and ideas. While emphasis is placed on harnessing the best of technology and computer-aided instruction, there is equal emphasis placed on using current educational theory and providing children space to explore, learn and develop. The key to EduQuest is that these essential components are integrated in a holistic and comprehensive manner to provide children and teachers with a well-rounded learning experience.


Interweaving skills with content, EduQuest provides a spiral learning opportunity for children in preschool and kindergarten. The learning content is based on a universal curriculum which places the young child in the center and gradually expands his learning and exposure to more abstract and complex ideas. The children begin with learning about themselves, their families, friends and neighborhood before studying nature, colors, math, geometry and language. Eduquest focuses on developing and refining key skill sets while cultivating competences for children to thrive in the world of tomorrow.


Following a blended learning model, the beautiful wooden didactics and printed materials are completely integrated with what the children see on the screen, thus allowing them to explore and manipulate tangible accessories to deepen their understanding and extend their learning far beyond the computer environment.


The Teacher Resource has a wealth of information to integrate and expand the learning opportunities. Each sub-topic has nine lessons which include all developmental planes such as social awareness, mathematics, science, language and take home ideas.


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